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Providing mine engineering services to the world's mining industry since 1983.


Contracting with our draftsmen allows you to timely meet your goals, be more productive, and lower costs. The draftsmen have experience in developing drawings for exploration geologists, geophysicists, suveyors, consultants/engineers, and mining operations. We are detailed and in so provide your company value-added drafting improvements for greater quality assurance and graphic communication.

Our operators have worked in the mining industry for over 33 years reliably for our own clients. We have the capabilities to develop complete and clear drawings compiling a multitude of data formats such as surfaces, contours, and GIS data. We can deliver drawings to your preference: from regular AutoCAD formats, Acrobat PDFs, graphic images, and to large or small scale prints.

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IMC prides itself on being versatile, cost effective, and receptive to our clients’ needs and invested parties so that your objectives are met in the best manner possible fit to your requirements and schedules. We would be happy to discuss your individual mine consulting requirements, Contact Us Here.

Summary of Drafting Services

  • General Arrangment Drawings
  • Mine Contractor/Consulting Support Drafting
  • Geological Cross-sections and Rock Unit Maps
  • Mine Property and Utilities Survey Plans
  • Exploration Drill Plan Representations
  • Mine Operation and Closure Annual, Monthly, or Period Plans
  • Large Scale Map Plotting and Scanning

IMC has been in business for over 33 years and has worked for more than 250 different clients on over 500 projects world wide. The staff of IMC has experience in a wide range of mineral commodities including base metals, precious metals, industrial minerals, and aggregates.

The IMC staff has been together for some time. Consequently, our project lists reflect the recent experience of the IMC principals and personnel.

Our Recent Projects

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  • Magino Project

    Argonaut Gold Inc.

    Ontario, Canada
  • Camino Rojo

    Orla Mining Ltd.

    Zacatecas, Mexico
  • Camp Grant Quarry

    Broken Hill Proprietary

    Arizona, USA
  • East Feldman Pit

    National Gypsum Co.

    Arizona, USA
  • Tetlin Project

    Royal Gold Inc.

    Alaska, USA
  • Las Chancas

    Southern Peru Copper Corp.

    Apurimac, Peru
  • Pinto Valley

    Capstone Mining Corp.

    Arizona, USA
  • Haile Gold Mine

    Romarco Minerals Inc.

    South Carolina, USA
  • NV Mijnmaatschappij

    NV Mijnmaatschappij Limestone,

    Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
  • Amulsar Gold

    Lydian International Ltd.

    Vayots Dzor, Armenia