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Providing mine engineering services to the world's mining industry since 1983.

IMC Libraries on Mine Engineering and Geostatistics Topics

Here lies an assortment of text on mining industry related topics.

Overview of Mineral Resource and Reserve Reporting Codes and Their Benefits to Mining Companies »

Disclosure or technical mineral reporting codes for resources and reserves serve as minimum standards for good professional practice for publicly reporting mineral property assets in the form of Exploration Results and Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves. The mineral reporting codes lay a framework for resource and reserve classification following the depth of confidence in the geological knowledge, metallurgical recovery amenability, and the economic feasibility of mineral properties...

IMC has been in business for over 33 years and has worked for more than 250 different clients on over 500 projects world wide. The staff of IMC has experience in a wide range of mineral commodities including base metals, precious metals, industrial minerals, and aggregates.

The IMC staff has been together for some time. Consequently, our project lists reflect the recent experience of the IMC principals and personnel.

Our Recent Projects

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  • San Francisco

    Alio Gold Inc.

    Sonora, Mexico
  • Calmat Operations

    Arizona Department of Transportation

    Arizona, USA
  • Pinto Valley

    Capstone Mining Corp.

    Arizona, USA
  • Esperanza Project

    Alamos Gold Inc.

    Morelos, Mexico
  • King-King

    MDC America Inc.

    Mindanao, Philippines
  • Mount Hope

    General Moly Inc.

    Nevada, USA
  • Altar Project

    Stillwater Mining Co.

    San Juan, Argentina
  • Soledad Mountain

    Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd

    California, USA
  • Dragoon Marble Quarry

    Gadsden Sonora Holdings LLC

    Arizona, USA
  • Copper Flat

    THEMAC Resources

    New Mexico, USA