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Providing mine engineering services to the world's mining industry since 1983.

Independent Mining Consultants, Inc.

Industrial Minerals and Aggregrate/Quarry Pit Experience
Through 2015

Recent Industrial Minerals Mine Consulting Projects:

2015 Open-pit Lithium Project

Bayovar 12 - Focus Ventures Ltd., Piura, Peru
Mine Planning and Production Scheduling

Sonora Lithium - Bacanora Minerals Ltd. , Sonora, Mexico
Development of Resource and Reserves, Mine Strategic Planning, Equipment and Capital Costs for a Pre Feasibility Study

NV Mijnmaatschappij - NV Mijnmaatschappij Limestone, , Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Reserve Determination and Alternative Mine Plans. Mine plan evaluation of alternative extraction sequences

Kapaa Quarry - Ameron Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Mine Planning. IMC developed various alternative mine plans for expansion of the quarry.

Dragoon Marble - Gadsden Sonora Holdings LLC, Arizona, USA
Material Status, Allocation of mined material by land status.

Cemex - National Gypsum Co. , Arizona, USA
Review of Land Allocation Based on Resource Model by IMC

Halawa Quarry - Hawaiian Cement, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Reserve Determination and Alternative Mine Plans

Arid Operations - Gold Fields Mining Corp, California, USA
Material Status, Allocation of mined material by land status.

Calmat Operations - Arizona Department of Transportation, Arizona, USA
Alternative Haulage Costs, Volume and Reserve Determination

Camp Grant Quarry - Broken Hill Proprietary, Arizona, USA
Reserves and Mine Plans, IMC developed resource models and mine plans for a high quality silica quarry

Redding Quarry (Calaveras Cement) - Lehigh Cement Company LLC, California, USA
Drill Program Planning and Preliminary resource Estimates

Douglas Quarry - Chemical Lime Company, Arizona, USA
Mine Planning and Cost Estimates

Granite Quarry - PT Karimum Granite Quarry, Karimum, Indonesia
Long Term Mine Planning, and Land Use Planning, Evaluation of extraction sequences.

East Feldman Pit - National Gypsum Co. , Arizona, USA
Resource Estimate

Pueblo Gravel - GSA Resources, Inc. , Colorado, USA
Resource calculation of sand and gravel

Sunward Materials - Sunward Materials, Arizona, USA
Mine Plan, Resource Estimate, Process Testing and Process Selection with subcontractor

Temescal Canyon - Standard Concrete Products, California, USA
Reserves, Mine Plans, Equipment Selection, Cost Estimation

Wilhelm Project - Blue Circle Cement, Inc. , California, USA
Resource Calculations and Mine Planning

Boron Mine - U.S. Borax, California, USA
Resource and Reserve Estimation, Mine Planning and Production Scheduling

San Pedro Garnet - Mountain States Research and Development, New Mexico, USA
Mine Planning Review

Sishen Mine Iscor - P & H Equipment, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Equipment Selection and Mining Cost review

Orogrande Garnet - Orogrande Garnet Co. , New Mexico, USA
Mine planning and production scheduling

Serrana - Mountain States Research and Development, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mine Plan, Resource Estimate, Conveyor vs truck haulage study